I met a gay couple

Ok ok to tell you the truth I didn’t meet them but I saw them!!! I was on a date actually in Salt Lake when two guys holding hands walked past us. And then I saw two girls hug then hold hands while walking!! I’ve never seen gay couples before and I saw two in one day. 

It helped me a lot to know that there are people like me and that someday when I’m older I will be able to hold hands with whoever I want to. Whether they’re a boy, girl, non-binary, a unicorn or whatever:). 

Even small actions like these can help so many people. I’m not in a position where I can freely hold hands in public and make people see how normal it is but one day I will be. 

 I almost laughed with joy when I saw them but alas I was on a date with a boy, a Mormon boy. I love you guys so much. You’re not alone.




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