Falling in love with a girl

It was Freshman year and where I live that’s still in Junior High. I had math lab first semester with Katie. I’ve known Katie since Kindergarten. We did homework with each other every day in that class. We’ve always been somewhat friends but that year we became true friends.. maybe even something more.         One day out of the blue Katie put her hand on mine while I was using the mouse I giggled and pulled my hand away. I asked her why she did that she just said don’t worry about it. The next day I put my hand on top of hers. We began to hold hands underneath our desk every day. In the mornings I would walk around the portables with her, we wouldn’t hold hands there. During this time we never talked about our feelings towards each other. We just talked, held hands and laughed with each other every day. 

   First semester ended and I was really sad that we didn’t have a class together 2nd semester. I had math lab still but she became a teachers assistant. I decided to go to the library during math lab one day when I saw her sitting at a computer. Her long golden blonde hair was curly and she looked beautiful. I pulled up a chair next to her and we did homework together and talked about us meeting at the library during this class everyday. 

        We met each other there all the time and when that class ended it was the last class of the day so I would walk with her to her locker. We started holding hands underneath a desk and once I saw a teacher look at us and wink at another teacher. I knew that I really liked Katie I just didn’t think about in what way until after school ended. That summer is when I realized that I obviously wasn’t straight.


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